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Coca-Cola Innovation

NAKU (Helsinki)
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New-to-market and new-to-customer products and services, enabled by technology. Much of our work involves mobile devices (tablets, smart phones), services (SoLoMo), and apps.

We help companies identify, anticipate, and predict what customers will value and buy, even when they have yet to experience it. 

We are a research-based consultancy with deep experience, focused on new-to-market products, employing rigorous methodologies.

We work closely with executives and their teams in established and emerging companies. 

We employ a combination of qualitative and rigorous quantitative research tools developed specifically for disruptive new products, services, and business models.

The founder and director of immr, Dr. Phil Hendrix blends deep research skills and industry perspectives. He is a former B-School professor and partner with leading consultancies.

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