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Coca-Cola Innovation

NAKU (Helsinki)
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New-to-market and new-to-customer products, services and experiences enabled by disruptive

technologies, including mobile (devices, platforms, apps), big data, social and others.

We help established companies, solution providers and startups identify customer needs and

calibrate their response (adopt, buy, use) to new-to-market products, services and experiences.

We are a research-based consultancy, employing rigorous methods and drawing

on deep experience to advise clients across verticals and technologies.

We work closely with leading companies (brands, retailers and solution providers)

and startups challenging the status quo with innovative new products and services.

We employ a combination of analyst tools (industry research/analysis) and research

methods (observation, interviews, surveys) to uncover and validate market opportunities.

A former professor and partner with leading consultancies, Dr. Phil Hendrix

is the founder and managing director of immr and an industry analyst.

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