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Dr. Phil Hendrix

  • Mobilize (SF)
  • Street Fight (NYC)
  • Geo-Loco (SF)
  • ad:tech (NYC)
  • Geo-Web (NYC)
  • Founder and director, immr (research-based consultancy)

  • GigaOm Pro analyst and contributor,

  • Former partner with leading consultancies

  • Previously B-School professor (U. of Michigan and Emory University)

  • PhD in Marketing (expertise in buyer behavior and market research)

  • Based in Atlanta, Georgia



Dr. Phil Hendrix is the founder and director of immr, a research and consulting firm focused on “very new” product and market opportunities, and an analyst with GigaOm Pro. He specializes in helping organizations identify, verify, and capitalize on opportunities for products that are new-to-customers and very often new-to-market. Dr. Hendrix has developed perspectives and research-based tools to uncover customers’ unmet needs, reveal hurdles slowing adoption, trigger interest and accelerate purchase, and determine features and pricing to maximize market penetration. He has extensive experience adapting and applying research approaches, both qualitative and quantitative, to amplify weak market signals and help clients innovate successfully.


Phil has led significant engagements with numerous startups (such as and multiple business units of Fortune 100 clients in telecommunications (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Sony Ericsson, and others), financial services (American Express), transportation (UPS), insurance (Allstate, United Healthcare), healthcare (Meridian Health, US Oncology), and others. He has worked closely with senior management and client project teams on issues ranging from “traditional marketing” (segmentation, positioning, branding) to innovation, user experience, and customer retention. Over the course of his career, Phil has helped clients conceive and successfully launch dozens of new products, businesses, and brands. He has extensive experience in B2C and B2B (SMB) markets. He is also a frequent speaker at industry and academic conferences.


Phil brings a unique combination of academic rigor, strategic perspective, and hands-on experience to his work. Before founding immr, Phil was a partner with DiamondCluster (strategy and technology consultancy), founder and head of IMS (Integrated Measurement Systems), and a principal with Mercer Management Consulting. He has held faculty and research positions at Emory University and the University of Michigan, where he taught courses in research design and analysis, buyer behavior, and marketing strategy, and the Survey Research Center at U. of Michigan. After receiving his PhD in marketing from the University of Michigan, Dr. Hendrix completed post-doctoral studies in applied statistics and mathematical psychology.

  • SoLoMo
  • Tablets
  • Digital Signals
  • Hyper-local Advertising



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