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How companies are extracting insights from consumers' digital signals to personalize users' experience

The Promise of Hyperlocal - Opportunities for Publishers and Developers (underwritten by AT&T Interactive)

More than Lat/Long, location is at the epicenter of an extraordinary wave of mobile innovation

Unleashed by smart phones, the mobile internet, shopping apps and (soon) mobile wallets, M-commerce is taking off



Leveraging context in real-time, mobile advertising provides superior reach, relevance and results. especially when combined with hyper-local intelligence

How SoLoMo is Empowering Consumers, Transforming Shopping and Disrupting Advertising and Retailing

With the bar for mobile device continually rising, OEMs must excel on six key criteria to succeed

While innovative, new-to-market products offer significant opportunity, they must also overcome 10 key hurdles to gain widespread acceptance.



Tuning into Consumers' Digital Signals


Whitepaper sponsored by GeoIQ

Why market projections for new-to-market products are often wrong and what to do about it

How SoLoMo (Social + Location + Mobile) has become the new focal point for consumers, advertisers and retailers



Speech technologies represent the next new frontier for mobile devices.  Our report outlines the potential.

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Does your value proposition address each of these key elements? Diagnose where your conversion funnel is narrowing, even collapsing.

Insights from immr Tablet research reveals opportunities, implications for OEMs, app developers

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